Generate revenues from the telephone numbers displayed on your websites & services.

How it works

1. Insert our code

That will automatically replace telephone numbers by a button

0412 304 199


Get a telephone number

2. Users click

When users click on the button, a premium number will be attached to this number for your account and displayed to them.

0906 784 0069

3. Calls

Calls made by users to the premium numbers are automatically redirected to the final destination by our servers, transparently, and accounted to you.

0906 784 0069 > 0412 304 199


If you run an app or website that displays a lot of telephone numbers, such as directories, local guides, address selection, company listing, etc, Relay is the perfect way to make extra revenue on your activity.

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Relay is seemlessly available in :

Relay complies with local rules and autorities in each market. You don't need to struggle with legislation, wording, blacklist, autorisations, Relay has already agreements to operate and will make sure that your integration is right.


Due to the level of calls handled by our platform, Relay was able to negotiate the best rates paid back per calls.